Cambridge Gardens and Jordan Springs Physical Culture

What is Physical Culture?

Physical Culture, or "physie" is a modern Australian, dance sport for women of all ages (every age, every stage). It combines elements of low-impact modern dance, aerobic fitness, basic ballet, and yoga choreographed into a number of routines, taught as a yearly syllabus. 

The WZ Physical Culture syllabus consists of Marching, Deportment, Relax, Exercise Group, Floor Drill, Toe Drill, and Dance.

Physie is an affordable alternative to the traditional dance sport, that all women can enjoy. 

Cambridge Gardens Physical Culture Club was established in 1977.  Jordan Springs has been included in our club name from 2021 to properly represent our growing membership and community.  We have been a place for all ages and backgrounds to come together for fun and fitness. 


Your Teachers

Promoting movement, dance, friendship, teamwork & coordination. Giving you cardio fitness, increase in flexibility, building strength, enhancing balance and coordination. Most of all lots of fun!!



Teacher for Seniors & Ladies


Teacher for Babies to 12 years



Teacher for Teenagers


Contact Cambridge Gardens and Jordan Springs Physical Culture

34 Trinity Dr, Cambridge Gardens NSW 2747, Australia and 
2-6 Cullen Avenue, Jordan Springs NSW 2747, Australia

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Who We Are

We are an affiliated club of WZ School of Modern Physical Culture.